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New Tires

New Tires Winter Promotions

Limited quantity available. Please call office for more details.

Tires qualify for Michelin and Pirelli Winter rebate.

Last updated: 2017-09-29

 SizeBrand Model 4 Tires Package
(incl. install & balance, tax and OTS) 
 195/65R15 95TMichelin X-Ice 3   $655
 195/65R15 95TPirelli  Winter Ice Zero $565
 205/55R16 94HMichelin X-Ice 3   $820
 205/55R16 94HPirelli Winter Ice Zero $670 
 205/65R16 99TMichelin  X-Ice 3 725 
 215/55R16 97HMichelin X-Ice 3  825 
 215/55R16 97TPirelli Winter Ice Zero  $735
 215/60R16 99HMichelin  X-Ice 3 $730 
215/65R16 102T  MichelinX-Ice 3 $770 
 215/65R16 102TPirelli Winter Ice Zero $675 
 215/55R17 98H Pirelli Winter Ice Zero  $865 
 225/45R17 94HPirelli Winter Ice Zero $950
 225/50R17 98HMichelin X-Ice 3 $1,020 
 225/50R17 98HPirelli Winter Ice Zero $935
 225/60R17 103HMichelin  X-Ice 3$865 
 225/65R17 102TMichelin Latitude X-Ice 2  $940
 225/65R17 106TPirelliWinter Ice Zero$785 
 235/60R17 102TMichelin Latitude X-Ice 2 $1,020 
235/65R17 108T Michelin Latitude X-Ice 2 $1,050 
 235/65R17 108HPirelli  Winter Ice Zero$900 
 235/60R18 107H PirelliWinter Ice Zero $995 
 235/85R18 106TMichelin Latitude X-Ice 2 $1,140 
 255/55R18 109VMichelin Latitude Alpin $1,140 
 255/55R18 109H PirelliWinter Ice Zero $1,175 
 255/50R19 107VPirelli Scorpion Winter  $1,500