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Sell Your Tires

Best Deal Tires Consignment Program

We pay the most for you unwanted tires!

Come and see us first! Don't settle for less!

We take the hassle out of selling your tires.

- No more inviting strangers to your home!

- No more answering countless emails/calls/txt!

- No more haggling prices!

We offer two programs for your unwanted tires

Option #1) Sell to us:

- Set of 4 tires, 70% tread or better (Winter or All season tires)

- Hassle free, we pay you rightaway.

Option#2) Consignment: Let us sell your tires! (You will get the most money this way)

- Set of 4 tires, 70% tread or better (All season tires all year round, Winter tires from Sept. - Feb.)

- We will handle the advertising, customer service and installation.

- 3 months contract. Absolutely no cost to you if tires are not sold.

- When sold, you receive 70%, we take 30% commission.

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